Project Presentation

TouriSMEshare aims to explore the potential of sharing economy for the growth of European SMEs and Social Enterprises (SE) in sustainable tourism and cultural heritage related sectors. It  aims to promote tourism services with lower environmental and socio-cultural impacts and a higher involvement of tourists in natural and cultural capital preservation.

The proposal provides a contribution in meeting the needs of demand and supply for sustainable tourism experiences in the context of sharing economy. From the demand perspective, many tourists use internet, smartphones and tablets to plan or arrange for individual and authentic tourism experiences. From the supply side, Tourism Destinations and Cultural Institutions and particularly, SMEs, can have a great potential to provide sustainable tourism services, with higher engagement of tourists in adopting sustainable behaviours that help reduce the impacts on European natural and cultural capital. Within this context, sharing economy can support local development, especially in rural marginal areas and small islands, exploiting their natural and cultural (tangible and intangible) heritage, generating even positive impacts, as it can serve as a supportive force for peace, foster  pride of cultural traditions and help avoiding urban relocation by creating local jobs. In addition, tourists can be involved as active users of local community crowdfunding  platforms, contributing directly to the enhancement and reuse of cultural heritage.

This project, that brings together 4 EEN countries, paves the way for the sharing and transfer of good practices between regiones towards a more integrated EU collaborative economy in tourism and the cultural heritage sector, providing first-hand support to SMEs, including start-ups and young companies.


  • Map and link-up with already existing sharing economy platforms for tourism in the European countries involved
  • Exchange experiences will all relevant key stakeholders
  • Identify and help European SMEs, Start Ups, social enterprises and relevant players that have a high-growth potential and ambition to fully benefit from all the possibilities shared economy has to offer

TouriSMEshare Numbers

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Target Groups

The project target groups include:

  • Tourism and cultural heritage SMEs that have a high "innovative potential"
  • Tourism and cultural heritage SMEs that are interested in starting new service/product development process through collaborative strategies
  • Social Enterprises (SE) in sustainable tourism and cultural heritage related sectors: this term includes social economy organisations such as associations, foundations, mutual societies, cooperatives and  social firms that seek to address social challenges within areas such as health, education and environment linked to the Tourism  sector (e.g. Social organisations protecting cultural heritage and social tourism organisations) 
  • Other stakeholders with a potential to contribute to the development of new initiatives and sharing platforms

Project partners