Cobweb Software a modern Outsourcing studio from Bulgaria

Today the Company is well known on the national and international market for software products and services. It started 18 years ago with limited functions predominated offering to create websites and different software products. Their policy was and still is to answer the needs of the client and the client to be satisfied.

Two years (2018) ago during a private meeting they recognized a relatively new niche for their activity – to create and maintain a platform for a company in the tourist sector. The tangible idea emerged between entrepreneurial people of the tourist company organizing a show in their city and people from the Elative software who know how to help them  to create a large market for the show. More over the owners of Elative  was born in the same city. The show – “Sound and Light” – a stunning attraction which is emblematic for the city- Veliko Tarnovo. As a result – the platform has been created at the beginning for a single service – to sell on-line tickets for the show. At that time the show was once a year and local visitors were too small concerning the economic revenue.

What happened after the platform started to function?

Touristic company and Elative Software become partners based on the principles of the shared economy. Touristic company provides the product and Elative Software – become the platform provider. Customers become are not anymore only local people but a large group of travelers who wanted to see the show – on regional, national and international level. Those who wished to attend the show increased several times. Today the show performances are 3-5 times and  it is  in a correlation with the interest of the people.

Thanks to the project TouriSMEshare the Company improved their marketing strategy to become a more stable actor in the shared economy and to develop the mobile applications for larger target group of users.

The Company was invited  to develop similar  product for tourist sector in other  city – Sofia and they created together with the Sofia Tourist Administration  a tourist portal:, with much more options for the travelers: where to stay, where to eat, what to do  how to travel. There were about 400000 users of the portal for the two years. And service providers interested in using the platform continue to increase.

Today the Company is known with its relatively new products –  platforms and mobile applications in parallel with their previous software products. When you ask the manager to share the secrets of their success – he smiles: “We are working a lot, we are reading and qualifying ourselves,  the needs of the client are the most important issue for us and we try to solve its problems in an innovative way, even to suggest alternative decisions. But for us is obligatory – to provide products and services with high quality and always on time. Our platform is developed with a lot of enthusiasm and love.”